Wikispaces: Creating a Space to Learn

As my final project for my Learning Technologies class, I created a wikispace as a container for a class project on influential Supreme Court Cases. I created a pre-reading survey on google forms, a final essay on google docs, a diigo list, and a video on animoto. I also designed rubrics and checklists for my students to follow and know my expectations for their completed work.

What I really enjoyed about this project is how creative I could be in making assignments. My goal was try and create as many different types of assignments as I could so that every learning style could be addressed. My other goal was to create an environment where the students become the teachers. They are set with the task of compiling information about different court cases and must use their group page as a way to present all of the information. Ultimately, I would want the students to figure out for themselves how these court cases might affect them directly.

I really like the formatting of wikispaces. I like that I can change the purpose of the wikispace and how it looks. For my assignment, I chose to make the wikispace look like a webpage so that the students are presenting the information in a way that is professional and contributes to the learning of their peers and whoever else looks at it. The other reason why wikispaces are so great for displaying student work is that it gives students their own voice. I want my future students to be comfortable and confident that they are contributing something of value to the world. Finally, parents are able to view the wikispaces that their children are members of for class. That way, parents are increasing their involvement in the academic lives of their children.


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